About Us

Competition in the computer market has always been increasing and lately with drastic changes, but the story remains the same: Customers require wider variety, latest technology, faster solutions, lowest prices, highest quality and responsive support.

In order to fulfill all these requirements and make ourselves a remarkable place in the market, we decided to GET IT DONE with a different approach.

Mostly, hardware selling companies focus on commercial standards: Best selling prices for high quality appealing products. We do not underestimate the commercial perspective but we think it is NOT ENOUGH. What really counts is to use the latest information technology to work for you and ensure you reliable and valuable supplies and this, besides providing you with knowledgeable ?responsive support by a well trained and experienced team.

Although the company has witnessed significant sales growth in a very short period of time, we believe the real opportunities lay ahead. Smart Solutions wants to become your valued business partner, not just another computer supplier.

At Smart Solutions, our success relies on your happiness.

With that perspective we establish Smart Solutions Company in October 2003 with the dream of two eng. Michel Adel Fekry and Fadi Nabil our Aim was give our customers a smart services and a simple solutions and make the balance of quality of service and the price of the service

And we as Smart Solutions team still hope to give the best to our client